Pride 2012



In celebration of this year’s Toronto “Celebrate and Demonstrate” Pride, we’re hosting events leading up to the Canada day/Pride weekend!  See below for all of our planned events.

Float Building

Pride Week is a celebration of our diverse sexual and gender identities. It is a ten day long event including a three-day street festival featuring the Dyke March, the Trans March, and the famous Pride Parade. This year, LGBTQASE and the Blue and Gold Committee are working together to represent U of T Engineers at Pride 2012! We will be marching alongside the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad as well as the Skule Cannon. Join us for the construction of our Pride Float!

The theme for this year’s Pride Week is “celebrate and demonstrate” and as engineers we are celebrating our sometimes geeky but always adorable roots with this year’s Pride Float — NYAN CAT! S/He poops rainbows!

“Build meeeeee” – Nyan cat

What: Pride 2012 Float Build

When: June 26-28th, 6pm-9pm

Where:  the Pit (Sandford Fleming Atrium)

Why:  it’s Nyan cat guys!!

Pride Parade Contingency

With the fantabulicious Nyan Cat float in hand, we’ve got to show it off somehow – so please join the UofT Engineers and members of LGBTQASE in our Pride Parade Contingency for Pride Toronto 2012!

PLEASE NOTE: Tentatively, we are limiting the attendees of this event to UofT Engineering students and members of LGBTQASE only, until further notice. Thanks!

Want to join LGBTQASE?

Trans March? Wanna come? Of course you do!

For those of you interested in participating in this amazing event, come meet us in the infamous Sandford Fleming Pit (atrium) starting at 5pm. We’ll be leaving at 5:30pm to make it to Norman Jewison Park, where we’ll meet up with the UofT Contingent for the Trans March. For more information click here!

WhatTrans March + Rally

When: Friday June 29, 2012 at 6:00pm

Where: Norman Jewison Park

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