Queer Orientation Meet & Greet – Sept 2012

LGBTQase Meet & Greet

As part of the University of Toronto Queer Orientation, LGBTQase will be hosting our first event of the school year – the LGBTQase Meet & Greet!

This will be a fantastic opportunity for science and engineering students to meet fellow classmates studying in similar programs, make friends and meet new people. We will be providing food and drinks, and we also have some games planned so make sure you attend!

After the event ends at 7 pm, we’ll be headed to LGBTOUT’s Meet & Greet event where we’ll be hosting a craft activity – making necklaces/bracelets out of UV beads. You’ll already be around familiar faces as you were just at the LGBTQase Meet & Greet so there’s no need to be shy!

When: Monday Sept. 24, 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: Bahen Centre, Rm 2179 (40 St. George Str.)


Queer Orientation is organized by a committee of students, organizations and staff, that runs from September 19 – 27, across all three U of T campuses. Visit the Queer Orientation 2012 facebook page for a complete list of events.


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