Game Night at UTea, February 2013

Games Night at UTea


Join us for an unbelievable evening of board games and bubble tea at UTea (362 Bloor St. West, just west of Spadina). For most students, UTea is unknown, and that’s just unacceptable. UTea is a tea house (which is plenty enough to get excited about). It’s just like Snakes and Lattes, except we can fill up the entire café without becoming crabby while waiting hours for tables for everyone! I love this place because there is no cost to enter and they sell bubble tea (which I absolutely recommend!).

We ask you to meet at the stairs inside the front entrance of Sanford Fleming near the bulletin boards (the stairs to the pit) on Thursday, Feb 28th. We will depart to walk over to UTea at 5pm. The event currently ends at 10pm, but keep checking here for updates! See you there!

Date: Thursday, February 28th, 5pm – 10pm
Location: 362 Bloor St. West (Or meet us at Sandford Fleming at 5pm and we’ll walk over as a group)


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