End of the Year Get-Together, April 2013

End of the Year Get-Together

Event Summary
Event: LGBTQase Elections/End of Year Get-Together
Date: April 5th
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, room 2111
Time: 5pm – 7pm

Event Details
We’re reaching the end of the semester and LGBTQase is here to help you wind down! Get ready to socialize and have fun on Friday, April 5th at this year’s Annual End-of-year Get-together! Come to Sidney Smith, room 2111 to practice your people-talking skills and chat each other up from 5-7pm.

During this time, you’ll be able to speak with all of the candidates who
are running to serve you as part of the 2013-2014 LGBTQase executive team! Online voting will be enabled after the event and you’ll have 3 days to vote for your favourites. This is primarily a social event though, so bring your confidence or just do what I do and drag a friend along who will talk for you.

Candidate’s blurbs will be emailed out at a later date and posted in the Facebook group as well. After 3 days of online voting, the Elections Committee will announce the results to the membership.

For full details about the elections process and to see a description of each available position, go here or view our Constitution.

Any general member can run for the following positions: Co-President (x2), VP Communications, VP Finance, VP Promotion, VP Design, VP Media and Webmaster.


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