Summer Potluck Picnic and Movie Night!

Yay movies!

For our upcoming event, we’re going to be having a potluck picnic and movie night. We’ll be meeting at 7:30 pm in David Pecaut Square where we’ll socialize and eat to our heart’s content, then sit back and watch a TIFF-sponsored FREE movie screening on the grass!

Please bring food or drinks to share! Anything from snacks, entrees, desserts, drinks, homemade or store-bought… whatever you’d like to share! We’ll provide cutlery, plates and cups, but bring your own if you can because it’s nice to be nice to the environment.

We’ve decided to hold the event on Jul 31, when they’re screening “The Way We Were”. Go here for more info about the TIFF movie screening:

Meet us by the David Pecaut Square sign, just west of Simcoe and King West, right past Roy Thompson Hall on the south side of King.

Summer Potluck and Movie Night
Date:  Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30pm
Location:  David Pecaut Square (


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