StarGAYzing 2013

Get excited! Get happy! Get high in a literal sense of the word!

Do you like to increase your physical distance to an elevation that is approximately 15 floors above the ground? Well do I have some GREAT news for you!

Introducing: StarGAYzing, LGBTQase’s night under the stars. Every August, the Earth’s orbit passes through a cloud of debris which ignites in the atmosphere and burns up into itty bitty pieces of starpoop. This is what causes the Perseid meteor shower which peaks on August 12th. We’re giving you exclusive access to the University’s dome and telescopes in addition to the chance of potentially seeing a rock explode while travelling at high speeds through our atmosphere (and if not, well, there’s a nice view and good company). Ascend the Burton Tower this Monday, August 12th and see U of T like you’ve never seen it before! We will be meeting at McLennan Physical Laboratories (255 Huron st.) outside the St. George entrance doors. Someone will be in the lobby to let people in until 9:30pm and then afterwards people will need to contact someone already inside if they want to be let in. Snacks included, but you should bring a sweater and your own blanket to sit on because it gets seriously cold up there!!!

Date:   Monday, August 12 from 9pm to 1am
Location:  McLennan Physical Laboratories (St. George Entrance)

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