About Us

LGBTQ and Allies in Science & Engineering (LGBTQase; formerly LGBTQ and Allies in Engineering) was co-founded by University of Toronto engineering students Marc Pilon and Aadita Chaudhury in September 2011 in order to fulfill the need for representation and community of LGBTQ-identified and allied students in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, University of Toronto.

Since its inception, LGBTQase has been committed to facilitating social programming and leadership development activities for its members through collaborations with other campus organizations such as LGBTOUT, VicPride, Sexual and Gender Diversity Office at U of T, Sexual Education Centre, Leaders of Tomorrow, etc. While strengthening bonds with various partners across campus and the community at large, LGBTQase remains grounded to its roots as an organization representing the needs and interests of queer and allied students in the scientific and technical fields. As of May 2012, the name of the organization was changed to include all scientific communities at U of T.

In addition to providing service to its body of members, LGBTQase works closely with the Positive Space Committee in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in activities and campaigns aimed towards making engineering a safe and welcoming place for all, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression, representing the voice of LGBTQ and allied students in engineering.

With its growing resources in the form of members, experience and expertise in queer and allied issues in the context of science and engineering, LGBTQase continues to develop its vision and programming with input from its members and the student bodies at large that it serves.


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