StarGAYzing 2013

Get excited! Get happy! Get high in a literal sense of the word!

Do you like to increase your physical distance to an elevation that is approximately 15 floors above the ground? Well do I have some GREAT news for you!

Introducing: StarGAYzing, LGBTQase’s night under the stars. Every August, the Earth’s orbit passes through a cloud of debris which ignites in the atmosphere and burns up into itty bitty pieces of starpoop. This is what causes the Perseid meteor shower which peaks on August 12th. We’re giving you exclusive access to the University’s dome and telescopes in addition to the chance of potentially seeing a rock explode while travelling at high speeds through our atmosphere (and if not, well, there’s a nice view and good company). Ascend the Burton Tower this Monday, August 12th and see U of T like you’ve never seen it before! We will be meeting at McLennan Physical Laboratories (255 Huron st.) outside the St. George entrance doors. Someone will be in the lobby to let people in until 9:30pm and then afterwards people will need to contact someone already inside if they want to be let in. Snacks included, but you should bring a sweater and your own blanket to sit on because it gets seriously cold up there!!!

Date:   Monday, August 12 from 9pm to 1am
Location:  McLennan Physical Laboratories (St. George Entrance)

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Summer Potluck Picnic and Movie Night!

Yay movies!

For our upcoming event, we’re going to be having a potluck picnic and movie night. We’ll be meeting at 7:30 pm in David Pecaut Square where we’ll socialize and eat to our heart’s content, then sit back and watch a TIFF-sponsored FREE movie screening on the grass!

Please bring food or drinks to share! Anything from snacks, entrees, desserts, drinks, homemade or store-bought… whatever you’d like to share! We’ll provide cutlery, plates and cups, but bring your own if you can because it’s nice to be nice to the environment.

We’ve decided to hold the event on Jul 31, when they’re screening “The Way We Were”. Go here for more info about the TIFF movie screening:

Meet us by the David Pecaut Square sign, just west of Simcoe and King West, right past Roy Thompson Hall on the south side of King.

Summer Potluck and Movie Night
Date:  Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30pm
Location:  David Pecaut Square (

Tie Dye ’til You Drop – Pride 2013

Tie Dye ’til You Drop

Tye Dye!

Come get colourful for Pride! LGBTQase invites you to rainbow-ify any and all of the clothy objects you have in your life to get in the spirit of the season. We’ll supply the dye, you supply yourself! We’ll even have U of T Pride shirts from the lovely SGDO ready for decorating, as well as plain white shirts for those that wanna hold on to that comic-book feel. Of course you can also bring your own shirts, shorts, tank-tops, hats or hoodies. Then, join us on Sunday morning and march with LGBTQase and the Faculty of Engineering in the parade wearing your masterpiece!

Date: Friday, June 28th from 5pm to 8pm
Location: Intersection of Willcocks St. and St. George St.

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End of the Year Get-Together, April 2013

End of the Year Get-Together

Event Summary
Event: LGBTQase Elections/End of Year Get-Together
Date: April 5th
Location: Sidney Smith Hall, room 2111
Time: 5pm – 7pm

Event Details
We’re reaching the end of the semester and LGBTQase is here to help you wind down! Get ready to socialize and have fun on Friday, April 5th at this year’s Annual End-of-year Get-together! Come to Sidney Smith, room 2111 to practice your people-talking skills and chat each other up from 5-7pm.

During this time, you’ll be able to speak with all of the candidates who
are running to serve you as part of the 2013-2014 LGBTQase executive team! Online voting will be enabled after the event and you’ll have 3 days to vote for your favourites. This is primarily a social event though, so bring your confidence or just do what I do and drag a friend along who will talk for you.

Candidate’s blurbs will be emailed out at a later date and posted in the Facebook group as well. After 3 days of online voting, the Elections Committee will announce the results to the membership.

For full details about the elections process and to see a description of each available position, go here or view our Constitution.

Any general member can run for the following positions: Co-President (x2), VP Communications, VP Finance, VP Promotion, VP Design, VP Media and Webmaster.

Play with Clay, March 2013

Play with Clay at the Gardiner Museum



What and Where: Pottery Lesson and Tour at The Gardiner Museum
Time and date: 6 – 8 pm, March 22nd, 2013 (Meet at 5:15pm at the bulletin boards near the entrance at Sandford Fleming)
Cost: $5 for first 28 people, sign-ups are MANDATORY
RSVP: E-mail Patrick ( by TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013

LGBTQase is having a clay and pottery event! It will be taking place at the Gardiner Museum (111 Queen’s Park, across the ROM!) where we will have a local artist teach us some clay hand-building techniques. Everyone who atends will have their masterpiece fired in a kiln which will be available for pick-up a week after the event. In addition, we’ll have a guided tour of the museum featuring the “Transformation by Fire” exhibit, which is a collection of ceramics made as therapeutic art by women of the Barbara Schlifer Memorial Clinic.

We will be meeting between 5:30-5:45 pm at the bulletin boards next to stairs that lead down to the Pit at Sandford Fleming and walking there together. Or, you can meet us at the museum! Please remember to bring cash to cover the cost of the event!

Due to space limitations, we will only be able to subsidize the cost for 28 participants, who will pay $5 each – THIS IS A REALLY GREAT DEAL SO TAKE IT WHILE IT LASTS!!! The sign-up process will be MANDATORY as well as first come, first serve. To sign-up, please e-mail Patrick ( so we can keep track of numbers. Last day to sign-up will be on TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013; following that LGBTQase will evaluate overall interest and participation and decide on whether the event will proceed.

Gardiner Museum: