Skule under the Rainbow

Skule is made up of diverse and colorful individuals, and this includes members of the LGBTQ* community!  But sometimes this community can be hard to see.  Why is this, and what can we do about it?  How is being Queer at Skule different than in other disciplines?  Come to ‘Skule under the Rainbow’ and learn the basics about the LGBTQ community and how you can help make Skule a more inclusive space. At the end, everyone will receive an EPS Patch to put on their bag, jacket, coveralls or anywhere, really!

What the Patch means:
You are making an effort to ensure that the space you are in is accepting and inclusive of all types of people.

What the Patch doesn’t mean:
1. You are an expert on all things queer – no one is an expert! This stuff is confusing.
2. You don’t make mistakes – we all do.
3. You identify as LGBTQ yourself.


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